About Agile

Agile is continuous journey during which you will listen, repeat, learn and improve. Agile is a powerful methodology with strong sense for adaptiveness. Live by values and principles – openness, respect, courage, empathy and trust. Be curious and start your Adventure to Agile Culture.

Agile is all about people. Self-driven and organized team is the wish of the most companies. It’s all about the Wisdom of the Crowd where group of people are mutually, smarter and wiser. Based on this concept more ideas, solutions, suggestions and thoughts can be generated. This will help you to come up with superior improvement and of course sharing diversity of point of view to create an environment of trust and respect! Why to have a social contract with your team? Social contract is a team-designed agreement. Team will agree what is accepted and what is not accepted behaviors. It provides you with a vision how to work in a safe environment and with a powerful team. Don’t forget to set up consequences. What will happen if someone breaks a rule. Keep in mind that it’s a living document and it can be updated anytime.

Don’t forget to visualize it! Do you know why visualization is important? Let’s take a closer look at the visualization and its role with team. How to do visualization? By drawing, brainstorming, using sticky notes and using interactive online boards. Visualization will help you:

  • to solve, explain or clarify a problem which needs to be solved
  • to coordinate different points of view
  • to provide an overview of work in progress and blockers
  • to help capture ideas and different points of view

Share with us the way how to capture the information with your team?

Servant leadership is a philosophy or style of leadership. It’s a different style when we compare it with traditional leadership. The key difference is that servant leader is a person who value everyone’s way of thinking and highlights diversity in opinions and constantly seek out opinions. In other word, servant leader carries water and moves boulders. Characteristics of a servant leader: Profile of Servant Leader:

  • Serve first
  • Build trust
  • Listen to understand
  • Add value to others
  • Demonstrate courage
  • Empathy
  • Humble
  • Awareness
  • Foresight

,,We rise by lifting othersˮ ~ Robert Ingersoll ~

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