Security is everyone’s responsibility

The overall security of your network and applications is getting more and more of a hot topic. Especially for big organizations and governments, network security is vital but at the same time getting increasingly complex.

Security is not just the responsibility of a specific individual or department in an organization, but it is a shared responsibility of every person within the organization, including employees, contractors, and even customers.

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Recruiting trends that will shape 2023

Numerous businesses will still have to make layoffs in the coming year. Businesses are preparing for a possible recession and adopting preventative measures to make sure that their hiring budgets stay constant or only rise as needed. As a result of organizations competing for top people, hiring will probably get more competitive in 2023.

We can expect several trends to influence hiring processes this year.
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Configure your network & security infrastructure using YANG templates

YANG (Yet Another Next Generation) is a data modeling language that is used to define the structure of configuration data for network devices and network services.

It allows organisations to model and configure network and security services in a machine-readable format. The YANG models can then be used to generate code or CLI commands that can be executed on network devices to configure the network services.

By using YANG to configure network and security services, network administrators can ensure that the configurations are consistent and well-structured, making it easier to manage and maintain the network.

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The benefits of working with recruiters

You glanced over our website and contemplated whether you might be interested in working with recruiters, but you thought to yourself, what advantages would it provide for you?

If this describes you, keep reading because you’ll find everything you need to know about working with recruiters and get one step closer to landing your dream job!
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