Benefits of Agile

Agile is very popular word and methodology these days. However, in many cases it is not well understood. Agile or Agility is the way how we will react to the changing environment, in other words agile is about adaptiveness. It brings us many positive benefits.


In this article we would like to go through them.

  • Transparency: it is done via physical or virtual boards which are accessible to everyone in the company. Agile brings transparency and visibility in communication among the colleagues.
  • Allows for change: Agile is welcoming changes. The right approach is to see change as an opportunity and challenge to learn something new and benefits from it.
  • Focuses on users: the products develop via agile methodology are design according to client’s needs, preference and taste. Highly focus on customer.
  • Client engagement: there is a high level of collaboration with clients. It might be before, during and after each team’s iteration. This approach provides fully understanding of client’s vision.
  • Early and predictable delivery: effective deliverables to the customer through planning, reviewing and gathering client’s feedback on regular basis.
  • Focus on value: team is focused on value which is identified at the beginning. It is all tracked in backlog and prioritized on regular basis.
  • Improves quality: team focuses on high-quality by breaking tasks into small and manageable units.
  • Continuous improvement: delivery team focuses on improvement from one sprint to another. Highly focusing on continuous progress and innovative ideas.


Let’s have a look at the annual report from 2017 about adopting Agile and mapping its benefits out of it:

Source:, 2017


Agile is an attitude, not a technique with boundaries. An attitude has no boundaries, so we wouldn’t ask ‘can I use agile here’, but rather ‘how would I act in the agile way here?’ or ‘how agile can we be, here?’

~ Alistair Cockburn ~


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