Highest priority is satisfying our customers…

Dilbert couldn’t have expressed it better (see the picture).

Your customers are keeping you in business and they should be your main priority. But satisfying them is not always an easy job, especially when technology overhauls you. So one of the questions is, how can you put your customer needs as the first priority again, without making it too hard for yourself to do so, to make it profitable for the organization without having to be so busy and potentially having a return on investment within a year?

In Robot ICT we believe that there are big opportunities by going digital, more than ever before. For example the acceptance of chatbots is increasing because they become more intelligent. The technology behind voicebots improved immensely over the last 2-3 years, making them a real conversational partner. The ability for self-help by clients, without having to worry about your old fashion backend process not being up to speed. There are advanced technologies to help in this area and last but not least, more traditional process automation in the areas of HR, Finance, Sales, Network Operations or Service Delivery (and a lot more).

Now is the time to start this journey because in a few years from now your competition might already have overhauled you and no one believes that the global economy will be booming forever.

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Lukas Vu

I started in IT with my own business since high school providing automated and centralized hosting solutions to end customers. Nowadays I'm focusing on corporate area, analyzing, managing and improving customer's IT environments. My main focus nowadays is automation and architectural improvements.

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