Hello world!

Welcome to Robot(ICT) blog.

Why another blog?

Because I am an IT professional with wide variety of experience and I’d like to share. Yes, it’s as simple as this. One another reason could be to improve the (not only scripting) language skills :-)

As it may sounds from the name, it will be a bit more focused on automation tools, guides and issues, because that’s what I spend most time working on.


Who are the visitors of this blog?

No one specific, everyone is welcome. The posts will be related to IT administrators, programmers, architects and other IT guys.


What do you want to blog about?

Well, as said above, it will be oriented on IT automation and everything related to it. But I’d like this to be a place where I (we) can share some of the issues I (we) managed to solve, some interesting solutions, opinions, scripts, guides or just news not only related to automation.

If everything goes fine, I’d love to post at least twice a week.

And because it’s still sunny outside, that’s it for today.


Have a nice day!

Robot(ICT) guy


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Lukas Vu

I started in IT with my own business since high school providing automated and centralized hosting solutions to end customers. Nowadays I'm focusing on corporate area, analyzing, managing and improving customer's IT environments. My main focus nowadays is automation and architectural improvements.

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