Vision & Strategy

meaning of these two terms is being interchanged frequently in the real world. We are always pleased when we can help our customers to understand how important it is to select right strategy to achieve goals outlined by their vision.

Let us describe our view a little bit more in detail. We would like to use an example from area that is really close to our hearts: Ocean Sailing.

Imagine you attend an Ocean race with 11 stop-over-destinations. The estimated race duration is almost one year. You have a Vision where you want to be, what you want to achieve and how you would like to get there. You might even plan to change equipment or part of your team for a specific portion of the journey.

One would think that a “sprint” from point A to point B is a very simple task – just pick the shortest route and that’s it, there is not much other considerations needed. This can be a true in other sports, but in case of Ocean racing it is usually not the correct approach.

Imagine sailing from Lisbon to Cape Town. Traveling along the African coast would be the shortest, in nautical miles, but you have to consider many other things along the way: constantly moving pressure systems, doldrums, trade winds. By taking all these aspects into account you need to select the right Strategy in terms of how to reach the destination. That strategy is based on experience gained in the past which consists of thoughts and decisions proven many times before. It is important to keep the strategy during the race because you know it will pay off in the end. Some short-term tactical changes along the route are possible of course.

Before you begin a race it is necessary to make sure you have the best equipment, navigator, skipper and crew for the price you can afford. Once you are prepared and ready to start, your Vision will drive your journey while your Strategy will ensure you will get to the destination as a winner.

Although we talk about the Ocean race, it is very similar approach which we use for developing a solution or automating an entire process workflow for a customer. We would like to know more about your journey and destinations which you are heading towards. We are ready to listen to your stories. We are keen to understand your Visions and we are ready to help you defining the right Strategy.

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